The Four Cornerstones Passover Seder
Updated March 16, 2021
On the morning of Sunday, March 14, 2021, SARAH4Hope hosted a Passover seder. The event drew from the powerful work of Riane Eisler and the Partnerism movement as it relates to spiritual practice and liberation:

Framed in the work of Riane Eisler’s Four Cornerstones, you will experience the journey through the old patterns that bind us into the new narrative that liberates a society of Partnerism and freedom.

Riane Eisler, Starhawk, Tirzah Firestone and Rabbi Paula Marcus will immerse us in four pillars as they each relate to the ritual and meaning of Passover, while the harmonic wisdom of artist and songwriter Aliza Hava moves us through melodies and song.

More event information can be found at

Proceeds from this event benefitted Apne Aap Women Worldwide, a grassroots Indian organization that empowers marginalized girls and women to resist and end sex trafficking.

WATCH the recording of the event below:

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