Are you tired of ineffective, band-aid approaches to violence, environmental destruction, economic inequality, and other seemingly intractable problems?

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The Center for Partnership Studies

CPS provides insight into a lost worldview and offers a roadmap to shift from domination systems to partnership systems.

Together we can create a partnership future that nurtures our humanity and saves our environment by rebuilding four cornerstones of society:

Family & Childhood
Gender Socialization
Economics & Values
Stories We Tell/Words We Use

Participation Summit on Partnerism: November 19

Join Riane Eisler and the Partnersim team on November 19, 2020 for the second Participation Summit on Partnerism. Contribute to the movement to bring Partnerism and partnership systems into our economic and political systems. Let's get to work!

NEW online course with Riane Eisler: Building a Partnership World

In partnership with Omega Institute, CPS invites you to join eminent social systems scientist Riane Eisler in her dynamic new online course, Building a Partnership World. This new self-paced course is an essential guide to constructing a more equitable and less violent world based on partnership rather than domination.

What is the Partnership System?

It is a social framework for organizing all relations around life-supporting values of mutual respect and responsibility, non-violence, equality, empowerment, and caring.


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