CPS Partners

The Center for Partnership Studies is grateful for the dedicated work of our partner organizations in the U.S. and worldwide. These organizational partners promote partnership systems and caring economy principles and are applying partnership/Partnerism concepts to the diverse areas in which they work, including media, economics, education, policy, science, healthcare, research, scholarship, arts, and community leadership.

Who Are CPS Partners?
CPS Partners are individuals and organizations who are active members of the CPS global community. They engage with the work of the Center in a variety of ways, including interviewing Riane Eisler, supporting CPS's social media outreach, creating partnership-based curriculum, promoting Riane Eisler's books, posting content on their website or blog sharing and citing Riane Eisler's work, serving as Co-Sponsors for CPS webinars, written posts for the CPS Leaders' Blog, and more.

If you would like to receive guidelines for becoming a CPS Partner or wish to update your listing please contact us.

*Note CPS does not accept affiliate links, and does not share contact emails without permission.