Riane Eisler on the Superhumanize podcast

February, 2021

Riane Eisler joins Ariane Sommer on her Superhumanize podcast.

The interview focuses on the partnership model introduced in Dr.Eisler's work. Sommer and Dr.Eisler discuss the economics of caring, measuring the value of caring for people and the planet, The Social Wealth Index vs. GDP, "the domination trance" and how to free ourselves from it, sustainable change, and the four cornerstones we need to thrive as a global civilization.

"As we speed further into the 21st century, we're in the grips of a global pandemic, economic and social instability, and experiencing environmental destruction on a mass scale. It is a time of tremendous challenges, but also incredible opportunities. And there are some people who are bright lights and visionaries. Who have a plan to bust our broken paradigms and upgrade humanity. I am incredibly honored and happy to welcome such a bright light to the podcast today. Dr. Riane Eisler is an acclaimed social systems scientists, futurist, cultural historian, and attorney whose research, writing and speaking has transformed the lives of people worldwide."- Ariane Sommer's podcast introduction 

Our Past Our Future: Riane Eisler on the There is More To Our Story podcast

February, 2021

Riane Eisler was interviewed for the There Is More To Our Story podcast in recognition of her work having been a great source of inspiration for Soul Seed Gathering.

The interview focuses on the continued relevance of Riane's work, in particular Nurturing Our Humanity, which provides historical insight and a blueprint for how we can structure our economies, partnerships, and intimate and family lives.

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From Domination to Partnership: Riane Eisler on the Negotiating the New Normal podcast

March, 2021

Riane Eisler joins Adam Bates' podcast Negotiating the New Normal in conversation with Margaret Rose-Goddard & Anja Blaj, co-founders of the Future Law Institute. She shares her unique story and explains why domination systems have been pervasive, as well as how we are already changing to break out of such cycles in the new normal.

After fleeing Nazi Europe as a child in the 1930s, Dr Riane Eisler was committed to finding out why humanity often chooses domination and aggression over peaceful collaboration. She explains how her childhood and the trauma she experienced influenced how she sees the world.

"They led me to questions that have really animated my work: given that we have enormous capacities and inclination towards consciousness, caring, creativity, why has there been so much violence, cruelty, and destructiveness?"


The Birth of Caring Societies: Riane Eisler on the Leading Conversations podcast

January, 2021

Riane Eisler joins Cheryl Esposito on her podcast Leading Conversations.

"Riane recognizes that our nation and our world are hungry for new ways of thinking. She sees opportunity for a sympathetic world by creating caring societies working through the economic system. And as long as caring is off the economic scale, it's not realistic to expect more caring government and business policies.

Riane emphasizes bringing a new type of cooperation into politics. Partnership politics takes us outside the box of the conventional political conversation. Instead of arguing about religious versus secular, right versus left, Eastern versus Western, capitalist versus socialist, and so forth, we focus on the long-term policies foundational for the more peaceful, equitable, and environmentally sustainable world we all want and need. Join in the conversation!"

From Domination to Partnership: Riane Eisler on the Team Human podcast

December, 2020

Riane Eisler was a featured guest on the Team Human podcast episode From Domination to Partnership, where she had the opportunity to talk about how our society can “transcend the dominator model in economics, politics, and our personal interactions to find new ways to partner with one another, and everything.” Eisler provides a blueprint to “tell an integrated story to combat a regressive economic and social agenda.”

Eisler helps us see how to transcend the dominator model in economics, politics, and our personal interactions to find new ways to partner with one another, and everything. How we can tell an integrated story to combat a regressive economic and social agenda?

In his opening monologue, Rushkoff explores how intimacy and uncertainty help make podcasting a special and unique medium. He also looks at how robots are not doing a better job doing labor, but rather have become more efficient at hiding human labor.

Awakening From The Trance Of Domination: Riane Eisler on the Mythic Masculine Podcast

December, 2020

In this episode of the Mythic Masculine podcast, Ian MacKenzie interviews Dr. Riane Eisler about the foundations of her cultural transformation theory, along with her own childhood experience of fleeing Nazi Germany.

They look at the limitations of language that have so far prevented the depth of cultural change we urgently need, and how sharing a new mythology of partnerism may yet regenerate a more humane and environmentally sustainable world.  The episode touches on cultural evolution from a gender holistic perspective, Dominator versus Partnership models of society, interconnections and mutually supporting relationships, waking up from domination, the role of attractors in liminal times, and a partnerism alternative.

The Chalice and the Blade: Our Past Our Future: Riane Eisler on the Breaking Down Patriarchy Podcast

December, 2020

In this episode, The Chalice and The Blade:Our Past our Future of the Breaking Down Patriarchy Podcast, hosts Malia and Amy talk to Dr.Riane Eisler about partnership cultures, the spiritual “goddess” movement within feminism in the 1980’s and 90’s, and more while diving into stories from The Chalice and the Blade.

Science, COVID, and an Economy That Cares: Dr.Riane Eisler on the Scientific Sense Podcast

October, 2020

Listen to the interview with Dr. Riane Eisler on Scientific Sense, a daily podcast focused on Science and Economics. In this conversation with Gill Eapen, Eisler shares scientific findings in her latest book, Nurturing Our Humanity: How Domination and Partnership Shape Our Brains, Lives, and Future, that show how domination patterns in family systems affects the neurobiology of the developing brain in early childhood.

In economics, we can work toward partnership-based social systems and a more caring economy. “We need enlightened corporate and business policies as well as government policies”, including new social metrics such as the Social Wealth Index that measure the value of caring work. COVID has shown us how fragile our current economic system is, and how caring workers on the front lines of the pandemic have been affected economically.

Our Economics of Domination and Exploitation is Wrecking the Planet: Riane Eisler on the Keen On podcast

October, 2020

In this Literary Hub podcast interviewOur Economics of Domination and Exploitation is Wrecking the Planet, Riane Eisler talks with Andrew Keen about domination economics and the exploitation of nature.

Riane Eisler: “So let’s talk about the soil now. We’ve been told the wrong story, a false story, about our cultural origins for millennia. We relate it more in a partnership way, and for a long period in our prehistory—I deal with that, as you know, in The Chalice and the Blade and Sacred Pleasure—as you said, the Earth was seen as a female deity from whose womb all of life and ensues, to whose womb all of life returns at death to be once again reborn. Sacred Pleasure deals with the old relationship between sexuality and spirituality from that perspective, because sex was a very important part of that ancient belief system. But it was a completely different way of looking at women and men. It was not a matriarchy. Think of our language: it only offers us matriarchy or patriarchy. Two sides of a domination coin. We only have the possibility to dominate or be dominated, no partnership possibility.”

Creating Cultural Transformation: Riane Eisler on the Radio Free Sunroot podcast Voices for Nature & Peace

September, 2020

Kollibri terre Sonnenblume and Patrick Farnsworth speak with Dr. Riane Eisler on the Voices for Nature & Peace podcast. They discuss Riane Eisler's childhood experiences and how they inform her understanding on the current nature of the world.

Eisler’s latest book, Nurturing Our Humanity, offers a new perspective on our personal and social options in today’s world, showing how to structure our environments – from family and gender relations to politics and economics – to support our great capacities for consciousness, caring, and creativity.


Nurturing Our Humanity: The Biocultural Partnership-Domination Lens: Riane Eisler on The Last Born in the Wilderness Podcast

September, 2020

In this episode, Nurturing Our Humanity: The Biocultural Partnership-Domination Lens, Kollibri terre Sonnenblume and Patrick Farnsworth speak with Dr. Riane Eisler on the Last Born in the Wilderness podcast.

Partnership and domination—paradigms that stand at either end of what humanity has been capable of producing in societies and cultures throughout human history. Dr. Eisler's decades of groundbreaking research into the roots of each of these paradigms has lifted the veil of what human beings are truly capable of—expanding our view of what "human nature" really is—by drawing on numerous sources of research from anthropology, archeology, psychology, and more.

As Dr.Eisler elaborates in this interview, dominator societies are "trauma factories" that reproduce trauma intergenerationally, and that these dynamics play out within the bounds of the "left vs. right" sociopolitical paradigm we operate within. To truly allow a partnership paradigm to gain prominence again, we must address the root causes that allow dominator systems to maintain their hold, which includes examining the relationship between genders as well as the earliest stages of childhood development.

Evolving Through Our Meta-Crisis Riane Eisler and David Loye on the The Symbiotic Podcast

September, 2020

In this episode of the Symbiotic Podcast, Evolving Through our Meta-Crisis, the communications team at Penn State's Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences interviews Riane Eisler and David Loye, two veteran systems scientists who have collaborated for more than 40 years as both researchers and marriage partners.

In this first of a 2-part conversation, they unpack lost insights of Darwin and explore the basics of cultural transformation theory as a tool to evolve society.

Both of these topics just may be critical to the continuation of human society, as we face the complex web of inter-related crises occurring simultaneously in our current times.


Riane Eisler On Creating A Post-Pandemic Caring Economy

September, 2020

In an interview with Riane Eisler, Lisa Reagan of Kindred asks how we can come to terms with the symptoms of a domination culture in this time of COVID, and begin to “move into a worldview/consciousness that not only perceives wholeness, but is capable of embodying the life-affirming values necessary to create a caring economy”. Eisler discusses her newest book Nurturing Our Humanity, domination-partnership social systems, and how we can support the growth of an economy that measures the value of care.

“I’ve often spoken about domination systems as trauma factories starting in early childhood, but economics has a piece there too causing, as we see, enormous trauma.  When you have a nation, a rich nation where a quarter of children live in poverty, many of them going to bed hungry every night, that’s not a normal we want to go back to.  We must create a new Partnerism normal.”– Riane Eisler, Creating a Post-Pandemic Caring Economy, Kindred

InterviewPartnership/Partnerism is a social framework for organizing all relations around life-supporting values of mutual respect and responsibility, non-violence, equality, empowerment, and caring. Eisler outlines four cornerstones of partnership societies:

  • Family & Childhood
  • Gender Socialization
  • Economics & Values
  • Stories We Tell/Words

Riane Eisler and Jamia Wilson: The Future of Feminism 

April, 2020

What has changed in the thinking around feminism and gender issues?

In this episode of The Bridge, Dr. Riane Eisler joins Jamia Wilson, Executive Director of Feminist Press, who is leading us in revisioning the thinking behind gender issues today, in a dialogue on redefining the feminist movement. The podcast features an intergenerational conversation on the intersection of current and past views on feminism and gender issues. Hosted by Peggy Clark, Vice President of the Aspen Institute.

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