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GDP is a mess. Introducing the Social Wealth Index

March, 2021

GDP fails to include the economic value of caring for nature and for people, despite reports stating that if unpaid caring work were included, it would be 50% of GDP. So, we are developing new metrics: A Social Wealth Index.

CPS is building the Social Wealth Index (SWI), a comprehensive metric of the economic value of the work of caring for people and nature. This index, essential in our time, shows what investments are needed for a better quality of life and a strong economy.

Dr Riane Eisler on The Real Wealth of Nations: Global Changemakers Book Club Conversation

March, 2021

In The Real Wealth of Nations, Dr. Riane Eisler shows that the great problems of our time—such as poverty, inequality, war, terrorism, & environmental degradation—are due largely to flawed economic systems that set the wrong priorities and misallocate resources.

Dr.Eisler joins Olga Khokhryakova, MS Candidate in Community Health Promotion 2021, University of Arkansas, and Madison Holden, MBA Candidate 2021, President of Graduate Net Impact at the University of Arkansas in conversation for the Global Changemakers book club.

This event is part of the Arkansas Global Changemakers and Social Innovation Initiatives, in partnership with the University of Arkansas Graduate Net Impact Chapter.

Conversation for Change with Dr Riane Eisler : Exploring the New Possible

February, 2021

Riane Eisler joins Margaret Rose-Goddard & Anja Blaj, co-founders of the Future Law Institute, in a conversation for change. They discuss the ways in which 2020 made many confront the impact of living in unsustainable societies and how the existing systems that orient towards the domination end of the partnership domination scale are simply not functioning.

They dive into Riane Eisler's work that focuses on bringing about more sustainable societies and how the pandemic provides an opportunity to rethink just about everything.

How to live in a post-pandemic world, Riane Eisler keynote speech

January, 2021

Riane Eisler delivered her keynote speech, “Partnerism: A New Model for Leadership- Beyond Capitalism and Socialism” at the 100 Women @ Davos event: How to Lead in a Post-Pandemic World.

The post Covid-19 world provides an opportunity to make fundamental changes: to accelerate the shift from domination, man over man, man over woman, race over race, so on, to partnership. To relationships guided by mutual accountability, respect, and caring. Riane Eisler focuses on how we can and must shift from an economics of domination, to a caring economics of partnership.

Riane Eisler & Sharon Sund: Building a Multiracial Democracy and a Caring Economy Through Partnerism

November, 2020

The Building a Multiracial Democracy and a Caring Economy Through Partnerism workshop is a collaboration between Riane Eisler, President of the Center for Partnership Studies and Sharon Sund, Program Manager at the Conflict Resolution Center. 

In this workshop, Riane Eisler develops the idea that to overcome racism, you have to overcome and change the social structure that created it. We move toward Partnerism when people recognize the investments made by people who are caring for others. • We can begin first by measuring the value of care. Second, by making visible the connection between the devaluation of care and cycles of poverty. Third, by developing cohesive policies to support partnership families. And fourth, by making the business case for the value of care.

4 Cornerstones of Ending Domination Systems: Riane Eisler & Khayree Bey Fireside Chat

September, 2020

The Center for Partnership sponsored the Participation Summit on Partnerism, as part of the Make Partnerism Mainstream campaign. In this video, Riane Eisler & Khayree Bey discuss the four cornerstones of moving from domination to partnership systems.

Riane Eisler: A Personal Experience of Oneness

August, 2020

In this short excerpt from Link TV’s Global Spirit program, “ONE The Movie”, Riane Eisler shares with Phil Cousineau a moment in her childhood where she experienced “the depth in life” and received a clear call to her commitment to make the world a better place.

SHE LivingTV interviews Riane Eisler

January, 2017.

SHE Speaks interviews Riane Eisler on SHE LivingTV: Awakening from the Dominator Trance. Eisler, author of The Chalice and the Blade, and The Real Wealth of Nations: Creating a Caring Economics, discusses the question "Is male domination inherent to society?"




The Shift interviews Riane Eisler

August, 2017

Riane Eisler talks with The Shift host Doug McKenty about economics, politics, gender roles, family relations, and other vital issues, as well as about wisdom from earlier more partnership-oriented times.