March 9, New York City: Alchemy of Women and Girls Collective Wisdom and Power

Sande Hart, Partnership leader and Founder of Charter for Compassion – Women and Girls, invites women in the Partnership and Caring Economy community on the East Coast to participate in Alchemy of Women and Girls Collective Wisdom and Power, March 9, 9am-1pm Eastern Time, at the Henry Street Settlement in New York City.

From Sande:
“The Alchemy of Women and Girls Collective Wisdom and Power is being hosted by the historic Henry Street Settlement on March 9th. Bridging the International Women’s Day and the Opening Forum of the United Nations Commission on The Status of Women (CSW), we will be deepening our listening skills, honoring our voice, and recognizing our individual agency. We are doing the (on feminine) ground work so as to ensure those who attend CSW are fully engaged and see themselves in the solutions to improve conditions and advance solutions for women and girls. However, it is not required to attend CSW to join us.

All women and girls are welcome to register.

Guest facilitators include Queen Mother Dr. Delois Blakely, Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen, Niti Majethia, Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum, and many more.

“We are practicing and experiencing Feminine Circle Principles to anchor our voice, understand body awareness, foster listening skills, and deepen the root system of our wisdom. All voices will be heard. This is a traveling event that takes on a unique texture with every city and host committee group of women we work with. We are heading to Seattle, India, San Diego, and possibly Houston before the year’s end!!”

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Learn about Sande’s work with Compassion Collaboratories.


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