Forward Thinking Fridays

Forward Thinking Fridays (FTF), created and hosted by CPS’s Robyn Baker, features a series of weekly posts on our social media networks and on this page. Every Friday, in conversation with experts in the field and global community members, we envision what we want to see in a more partnership-oriented world, and highlight exciting aspects of partnership that are already in practice today.

FTF includes Instagram content (@partnerism), new educational resources, and monthly Facebook Live events to engage with partners and experts on the subtopics of Forward Thinking Friday themes.

April 2021: Children and Their Wellbeing

    • Increasing Public Services for Children: What Does That Future Look Like?
    • Caring & Connected Parenting


White Paper: Children and Their Wellbeing


Future Forward Thinking Fridays themes:

    • Community Development – Growing Partnership Ecosystems from the Grassroots
    • Indigenous Wisdom and Agroecology – Partnership Ways to Protect and Nurture Our Humanity and Planet
    • Women Entrepreneurs – Reconfiguring Domination Norms and Paving the Way for Gender Equal Partnership
    • Artificial Intelligence – The Partnership Way for Technology and Humanity

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Partnerism and Partnership Systems is the New Normal
Message from Robyn: “We would LOVE to engage all corners of the CPS community in the re-imagining of the world-as-we-know it into the one we hope for in a post-COVID world. Tune into our Facebook Live sessions at the end of every month to hear new perspectives and share your own, and connect with the movement towards making partnership practices the “new” normal”!

Robyn Baker is a CPS team member focusing on Research and Education. She recently graduated from the Euro-American programme at Sciences Po Paris. She loves to play piano, practice yoga, or read in between her studies in political science, sustainable development, and gender. She is an avid collector of old books and has a strong interest in fine arts. She has a passion for multiculturalism, travel, and human rights. She is fluent in English, Spanish, and French. Robyn’s focus will include educational program development and caring economy-related projects.

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