Recommended Readings

CPS has compiled a list of books, chapters and interviews that express partnership principles and values. Topics range from peace, cultural evolution, history, gender, leadership, the power of partnership, and children’s/young adult’s literature.

This list will be updated periodically. If you have a partnership-based book in mind that is a good fit for this resource library, please contact CPS with your recommendation, and we will consider adding it to this page.

Partnership as a Central Framework

There are a wealth of non-fiction and fiction books that draw from partnership systems as a core framework for world peace and inner transformation. Subjects include partnership studies, spirituality, gender, feminism, health, new cultural narratives, and more.

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Chapters About or Interviews with Riane Eisler & David Loye

Visionaries Riane Eisler and David Loye have published chapters within books and interviews leveraging the power of leadership in a partnership world.

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Books Incorporating Partnership Concepts

Explore books that illuminate partnership concepts in business, leadership, gender studies, early childhood, cultural transformation, and more.

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Partnership Narratives for Children and Young Adults

CPS has compiled a list of stories for children that foster peace. (Thank you to The Blue Bunny in Dedham, MA for the children’s books annotated list).

Stories for young adults feature partnership narratives, stories that reveal the hidden side of history, and futuristic science fiction. Everything is a story, from dates on a calendar to the way we eat. And every story is based on a set of assumptions about what it means to be human and what is important. The stories we feed ourselves and our children create the future since we tend to act out what we believe to be true. (Thank you to Ruth Kantor Lopez for compiling these stories for young adults).

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