Partnership Sisterhood in Schools

  Brie Mathers

November 5, 2018
On October 29th partnership leader Brie Mathers visited Central Middle School in Victoria BC to speak to 300 11–13 year-old young women with her “Love the Skin You’re In event.” Media literacy is a touchstone for social and emotional learning, especially in today’s world, where social media offers a platform for adrenalized patterns of behavior. This talk invited girls on a dynamic audio-visual journey exploring the challenging landscape of popular media representations of femininity, race, otherness, and gender stereotyping. Students bonded together in hard-hitting conversations about how corporate media drives underlying beliefs that fuel bullying and looks-based competition. 

Young women were inspired to consciously choose the conversations they entertain inside their minds, grow their inner resilience, and become leaders that build a partnership-based sisterhood both within their school walls and online. They walked away with their heads up and their hearts open, valuing themselves for their substance, complexity, and unique humanity. 

This immersive talk, which powerfully engages critical thinking about media ideations on the self, autonomy, empathy, self worth, and partnership made a big splash in their world. These young women will remember the power of authorship over their own destiny.

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