Brie Mathers: talking with young women and men about gender – being your whole self

June 26, 2018
Brie Mathers, outspoken Partnership leader and founder of Love the Skin You’re In, is interviewed by Daphne Wallbridge in this 8-minute interview.

Brie’s resiliency project empowers young women to think critically about their place in society, and about the popular and social media messages they are receiving about body image, sexuality, and self-worth. Brie’s message deeply resonates with the students that receive her vibrant presentations in schools in the US, Canada and Europe.

In this interview, Brie has just given a presentation to a large all-male student group in a Canadian high school. Brie shares her experience talking with boys about the effects of “toxic masculinity”, and links current gender and image issues with key leadership styles prevalent in today`s society.

Brie offers resources for parents including the work of Riane Eisler and the Center for Partnership Studies and the film The Mask You Live In.

What is the domination system of power teaching boys about masculinity and manhood?

How can parents and kids break free from the unconscious bias that reinforce limiting gender roles?

Can we write a new narrative that can help to free us from an ancient cultural system of domination that has become maladaptive?

Our current social construction puts masculinity in a “man-box”. Brie: “What would it be to draw young men out of the ‘straightjacket’ gender roles, the emotional policing of one another and other limitations, and set their hearts free from these shackles of our culture?”

Women have a pivotal task in supporting boys in a cultural shift from a domination (“power over”) to a partnership (“power with”) social system. Brie: “When women are elected into government office, more caregiving practices that benefit communities are implemented. Caring legislation is good for men, women, children, and the planet”.

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  1. Ann Amberg Reply

    Thank you Brie for your wonderful energy, mentorship and wisdom holding the hearts and minds of these audiences of boys and girls — they are the next generation of Partnership leaders!

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