Women on Purpose for the Planet

Hear Riane Eisler’s interview with Terra Christoff for the Women on Purpose for the Planet series. The online series features 21 women cultural thought leaders and environmental change agents, airing Earth Day, April 22, through April 30, 2019.

In the interview, Riane comments: “We are creating new narratives about our human nature. What we’re learning from neuroscience is actually that whether our capacities for caring and consciousness; for creativity—and alternately, for insensitivity, cruelty and destructiveness are expressed largely depends on our cultural environments—the environments we create. The changing of the story is the discovery that we’re predisposed for caring, creativity and consciousness as a species”.

Learn More: womenonpurposefortheplanet


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  1. Susan Reply

    A friend posted this interview on Facebook and I’m glad I took the time to view it. I’ve never heard of the Center for Partnership Studies, nor have I heard of Riane Eisler, but now I am inspired to check out both the organization and her books.

    Thank you so much to Terra and Riane for all that you do to forward the women’s movement. I’ve always been certain that if women had more power and respect in society that there would be more peace in the world.

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