Trauma-Sensitive Schools: Shifting to Partnership in Education and Society

April 3, 2020

Thank you to all who joined the Center for Partnership Studies on April 2, 2020 for Trauma-Sensitive Schools: Shifting to Partnership in Education and Society —a timely online dialogue with Dr. Mary Crnobori, BCBA, Khayree Bey, BBSc, M.Ed. and Dr. Riane Eisler.

Mary and Khayree shared on-the-ground stories about their work implementing effective, compassionate, trauma-sensitive practices at all levels in public school systems, from whole-district initiatives to classroom-based strategies. They shared resources to help you join the trauma-informed movement in your classroom, school or district. Riane Eisler showed how the emerging field of trauma-sensitive practices in schools is a crucial way to ignite broader societal shifts that move us away from domination systems and toward partnership systems that support equity, peace, and well-being.

Watch the video:


Learn about:

• Intergenerational trauma and the roots of domination systems
• The neuroscience of stress in domination systems
• Trauma-sensitive schools: Models for district- and school-wide approaches
• Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and school success: the latest research
• How to support healthy self-regulation in educators and students
• Mindfulness practices in schools
• How healthy schools are a foundation for partnership cultures


April 2 Webinar Full Resource List

Educator Resources from Riane Eisler:

Educator, Parent and Community Resources from Mary Crnobori and Khayree Bey:

Educator credits, WA clock hours and OR PDUs available through the World We Want self-design program for K-12 teachers. Download the CEUs flyer. Contact instructor Ann Amberg for more information.

All registrants will receive the full session video link and Resources Packet.

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Hosted by the Center for Partnership Studies

Trauma-Sensitive Schools: Responding to COVID-19

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, many schools are closing for weeks or longer and we know that students, parents and communities are in need of informed and inspiring support. In the March 19, 2020 webinar Trauma-Sensitive Schools: Responding to COVID-19, Riane Eisler, Mary Crnobori and Khayree Bey  addressed how we can better care for our families and school communities in the coming weeks.

Watch the video:


Educator, Parent and Community Resources from Mary Crnobori and Khayree Bey

School communities, educators and families are responding to COVID-19 by working together in partnership to find creative local solutions. Here are resources including trauma-sensitive practices that will support your children:

Mary Crnobori, coordinator of Trauma-Informed Schools for the 169-school Metro Nashville Public School District, will share how she is working at the district level to raise awareness of childhood and intergenerational trauma, using a collective impact framework to promote system-wide change and implementation of school-wide trauma-sensitive practices, and collaborate with police and other community agencies to support students experiencing traumatic events. Watch Mary Crnobori at TEDx Vanderbilt University: Why All Schools Should be Trauma Informed.

Khayree Bey, 2019 SHAPE Delaware’s Health Teacher of the Year, will share how he is implementing an equity-based trauma-informed approach in his classroom based on the art of mindfulness, Kemetic yoga and other self-care practices, and how he is teaching other teachers, community and staff to do the same. Khayree serves on Colonial School District’s Educators of Color committee which focuses on equity and the underrepresented population in teaching by recruiting, assisting, and maintaining educators of color. Watch Khayree Bey on Colonial School District’s October edition of “Keeping up with Colonial”.

Riane Eisler, founder of the Center for Partnership Studies and author of Nurturing Our Humanity: How Domination and Partnership Shape Our Brains, Lives, and Future, will explain how the implementation of trauma-sensitive practices in schools is an essential lever for the systemic cultural shift away from relationships of domination and toward relations of partnership. Riane Eisler is an internationally known as a systems scientist and attorney pioneering the human rights of women and children. Learn more about Riane Eisler’s work.




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  1. Leticia Perez Reply

    Thank you for offering this webinar. It was nice to see so many people participating. I read that there was going to be a possibility in getting CEU’s for today. How do I go about obtaining them for this webinar?

  2. Melinda Taylor Reply

    I was not able to get In to the presentation and running. Are you still going to have the videos for us to watch afterwards?


    • Ann Amberg Reply

      Thanks so much Sheryl,m
      Glad you were able to join us on March 19, and hope to “see” you in the April 2 webinar.

      Stay well,
      Ann Amberg

  3. Jennifer Karydas Reply

    I was introduced to Riane Eisler’s work last summer when The Chalice and the Blade was recommended to me. Her work is deeply inspiring and resonating. I have a quote from that book that I look at everyday! As COVID-19 revealed itself, Riane’s partnership model resurfaced in my mind so I did a search to see what she might have to say about it. That’s how I discovered the webinar. I couldn’t believe the timing and my luck to learn directly from her. Big FAN GIRL moment! I’ve been an educator for 10 years and my journey with Restorative Practices and Trauma Informed Pedigogy began around 5 years ago. I’m now a program coordinator with Breakthrough Collaborative still working with middle school students. I’m deeply moved by the mission of center for partnership and the panelists. I appreciate learning from you all. What’s the best way to share the content with some of my colleagues once I get access to the recording? May I send them the link? Should I just recap points from the webinar?

    • Ann Amberg Reply

      Hi Jennifer,

      We are glad you joined us yesterday for Trauma-Sensitive Schools: Shifting to Partnership in Education and Society. I will be sending the follow up email that includes the video link and resources by April 4.
      When the video is ready for yesterday’s webinar it will also be found on“, and we’ll be updating the resources currently on that page.

      You are very welcome to share the video (which will be public) and all the resources with your circles and on social media. #PartnershipSchools, #TraumaAwareSchools.

      I’d like to hear more about your partnership work with Breakthrough Collaborative with middle school students. Consider writing a short blog piece for the CPS Leader’s Blog. For guidelines, see:

      Thanks Jennifer and please keep in touch. You can email me directly at

      -Ann Amberg

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