Riane Eisler’s “Reclaiming Spiritual Wholeness” in Kosmos Journal

March 29, 2021

The Spring 2021 edition of Kosmos Journal for Transformation features a new article by Riane Eisler, titled “Reclaiming Spiritual Wholeness: Separating the Grain from the Chaff in Scripture“. This article begins by taking the reader along Riane’s own spiritual journey and connects the individual level corporeal and spiritual experiences to the larger legacies of spiritual history and religious heritage by referencing a multitude of archaeological and theological sources from around the world. As is the case in much of Riane’s work, the article empowers its reader to transform their spiritual teachings and journey; it contains clear steps that can be taken to “leave behind the domination part of our religious heritage and strengthen the partnership spirituality and morality we so urgently need”:

The first step is to start sorting out the partnership from the domination teachings in our scriptures, and share this with others in our sphere of influence…

The second step is re-examining the norms and structures around us to see if they support a spirituality, morality, and consciousness appropriate for partnership or domination relations…

The third step is bringing religious and spiritual leaders from all faiths together to use the tool of the partnership-domination social lens to sort our religious teachings.

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Murals in the temple at Ajanta

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