Riane Eisler Guest Editor for Kosmos Quarterly

The Center for Partnership Studies is happy to announce that Riane Eisler is a member of the guest Editorial Circle for the Winter, 2018 edition of Kosmos Quarterly. The theme is “Global Citizen, Global Spirit”.

Kosmos’ vision is to “…inform, inspire and engage individual and collective participation for global transformation in harmony with all Life. We do this by sharing transformational thinking and policy initiatives, aesthetic beauty and collective wisdom, local to global”.

Each season, Kosmos convenes a new Editorial Circle for the upcoming edition of Kosmos Quarterly. “This intentional group of culture hackers, healers, activists, and artists come together for 100 days to cross-pollinate ideas and share the fruits of their practice with our subscribers”.

Other guest editors for the Winter Edition include Rev. Dr. Joni Carley, Jonathan Granoff, JD, David Bollier, and Gayatri Naraine.

The next issue of Kosmos Quarterly will be published December 21, 2018.

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