Beyond Capitalism and Socialism: a Partnership Economy

August 29, 2019
Check out Riane Eisler’s article in Quartz: “The fight between capitalism and socialism will be won by a totally different “ism”. Eisler, social systems scientist and author of the new book Nurturing Our Humanity: How Domination and Partnership Shape Our Brains, Lives, and Future, affirms the possibility of a healthy post-industrial economy that closes the widening chasm of economic inequality. “We need to address critical matters ignored in old thinking. A starting point is leaving behind the gendered system of values we inherited from earlier times, which devalues anything stereotypically associated with women: educating children, caring for the elderly, and keeping clean and healthy home environments—which includes our planet. In other words, we need to care more about caring”.

“We need a new cultural and economic analysis that no longer ignores the majority of humanity: women and children”. – Riane Eisler

Eisler calls for a new cultural and economic analysis that no longer ignores women and children (who comprise the majority of humanity), and outlines five immediate steps we can take toward an “economy of caring”. “This system of gendered values is a major obstacle to meeting our mounting social, environmental, and economic challenges. We need to go beyond both capitalism and socialism and move toward a partnership system—one where relations are based on mutual respect, accountability, and caring. This will yield the kind of economic changes urgently needed at this time of unprecedented economic, environmental, and social challenge”.

The article is adapted from a speech Eisler gave in July, 2019 at Bretton Woods 75, an economic conference in New Hampshire that assesses and re-envisions a contemporary world economic order.

See the Ms. Magazine article featuring Riane Eisler Finally Half the Sky at Bretton Woods—75 Years Later.

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