Partnerism: A New System That Works for Everyone

August 3, 2020

Read the Medium article by Teri McGovern-Nintzel – Partnerism: One -Ism to Cure Them All: A New System That Works for Everyone.

A new social and economic system that develops our human capacity to care for all people and nature

The article describes Riane Eisler’s lifelong work on the biocultural partnership/domination continuum and the development of caring economics: “Her vast body of work on [partnership] spans 35 years and includes 12 books. Eisler’s work completely unmakes the myth that living in socially and economically unequal systems is just an inherent part of the “human condition”.”

The Medium post introduces the new Social Wealth Index (SWI): “SWI is a state and federal policy making tool for creating Caring Economies. SWI will not replace the GDP and its alternatives. It measures what they do not, including three life sustaining sectors not currently counted in US economic metrics:

  • the household economy
  • the natural economy
  • the unpaid community economy

SWI also measures the value of human capacity development from infancy. Caring Economics corrects for the devaluation of the work of caring for people and nature. It also includes social justice work as valuable, caring work.”

The movement to #makepartnersimmainstream is underway. A goal is to make Partnerism, Riane Eisler, and the Social Wealth Index household words by the end of 2021.

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Register for the August 20, 2020 Participation Summit on Partnerism, and contribute to the movement!


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  1. Jane Norton Reply

    I just found out about the Partnerism event that took plave on 8.20 Is there a way to access the program now?

    excited to learn more about this.


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