August 20 Participation Summit on Partnerism

Participation Summit on Partnerism
Thursday August 20, 2020

Volunteers are organizing to grow the methods originated in Riane Eisler’s work that show us that we CAN create caring systems that help everyone flourish.

Covid-19, unemployment, brutality and climate destabilization…in this difficult time we can join together and build caring policies and caring economics that work for everyone. We can replace domination systems by creating partnership systems.

Thank you for being part of the Participation Summit on Partnerism on 8/20. Your presence and ideas were a meaningful contribution to the gathering.

As a follow up, if you are interested in getting involved, a great place to start is by completing this survey about the event. Please help us improve how we are collectively growing this budding movement by filling it out.

Visit the website: Partnerism



The Summit event will be recorded; all registrants will receive a link to the full video session.

Questions? Seeking the Partnerism website or event videos? Contact Rosie.

Sponsored by the Center for Partnership Studies.




Make Partnerism Mainstream Campaign slides

Partnersim 101 slides

What is Partnerism?

Read the article by Riane Eisler in Tikkun: The Next Economy: Partnerism: Post- capitalist/Post- socialist Economics.

Building a Caring Democracy

Read the Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies article by Riane Eisler: Building a Caring Democracy: Four Cornerstones for an Integrated Progressive Agenda.







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  1. Sheryl Morris Reply

    Can there be an updated version of this to share? (Friends don’t like to share what appears to be old news.)
    Thank you!

    • Ann Amberg Reply

      Hi Sheryl,

      Thanks for your inquiry. I’ve updated this event announcement with as much information as I have at the moment. Evidently the Partnerism group has not yet sent the video link or their web link to those who attended the August 20 Summit. Please contact Rosie Von Lila with any questions or concerns:

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