Riane Eisler to accept SÍLA award at the Safe World Summit 2018 – Ireland

Gender equality pioneer, systems scientist, and international best-selling author Dr. Riane Eisler will be a keynote speaker October 22-23, 2018 at the The Safe World Summit 2018 in Dublin, Ireland. Dr. Eisler will be honored for her visionary leadership in gender equality and and will receive the Safe Ireland Leadership Award (SÍLA). The Inaugural SÍLA Awards Ceremony will take place the evening of October 22 at a special evening reception hosted by Dublin City Council at the historic Dublin City Hall.

The Safe Ireland Leadership Awards recognize remarkable and courageous thought-leaders, risk takers and pioneers for women’s safety and equality.

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The Safe World Summit is an international platform to fuel change through innovation and collaboration. The Summit will bring together some of the worlds brightest leaders to discuss, collaborate and debate how we change culture and transform the response to domestic violence to help make Ireland the safest country in the world. Eisler will be speaking on “Waking from the Domination Trance”. Riane will also speak on October 23 as part of a Conversation Across Generations panel.

Summit organizers: “The inaugural Safe Ireland Summit 2016 catalyzed a new type of change. This change was felt across many sectors – corporate, political, in our communities and families. We moved closer to being free from abuse and violence.”

“The Safe Ireland Summit was the most inspiring and empowering event I’ve been part of in many decades. There is nothing we canʻt accomplish if we can harness and sustain the power, the brilliance, the passion, the commitment that was present in that space over those two days.” – Linda Hamilton Krieger, Professor of Law, University of Hawai’i School of Law

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See Riane Eisler with Julie Owens and Ron Clark in the Summer, 2018 webinar “Uncovering the Roots of Violence: New Perspectives on Domestic Violence, Social Justice, and Faith” hosted by the Center for Partnership Studies.

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