Forbes: Social Wealth Index a Response to Climate Change and GDP

September 14, 2020
In the recent Forbes article Climate Change And Gross Domestic Product – Need For A Drastic Overhaul, Frank Van Gansbeke points to Riane Eisler and the Center for Partnership Studies’ work with Social Wealth Index (SWI) a new economic metric in development that measures the value of care in economic systems. Van Gansbeke stresses the need for new economic solutions to change “economic thinking in ways appropriate for our post-industrial, climate change impacted and post-COVID 19 eras”.

Riane Eisler speaks at the 2019 Bretton Woods global economic conference.

The Social Wealth Index (SWI) is designed to provide business and government policymakers data highlighting the economic return from investing in caring for people and nature. Riane Eisler’s research considers findings from neuroscience demonstrating that the “high-quality human capital” required for our new knowledge-service economy “largely hinges on ensuring good care and education for children in their early years. In short, the SWI points to new ways of thinking about economic health in new ways”.

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Partnerism – get involved!

Social Wealth Index

Read the article by Riane Eisler in Tikkun: The Next Economy: Partnerism: Post- capitalist/Post- socialist Economics.

Read the Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies article by Riane Eisler: Building a Caring Democracy: Four Cornerstones for an Integrated Progressive Agenda.

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