Riane Eisler in Forbes: Economic Systems Can Transform For The Better

July 7, 2020
In the Forbes Women article What’s Next? 4 Economists On How Our Economic Systems Can Transform For The Better, Riane Eisler shares how the COVID crisis reveals the gaps in an inadequate economy and the need for a major rethinking of our economic system.

In her landmark book The Real Wealth of Nations, Eisler points out that our current economic system does not take into account contributions of primary life-sustaining activities such as raising children, caring for the elderly, volunteer work, or the natural economy. “We need metrics, new measures that unlike GDP …actually take into account the economic value of the work of caring for people starting in early childhood and caring for the Earth”. A caring economy would include policies such as those in northern European countries that are more oriented toward partnership social systems such as generous paid sick leave and parental leave.

“We’re taught that economic systems are there for us to serve them. But it’s the other way around, economic systems are there to serve people and nature”. —Riane Eisler

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