December 27, 2020
We invite you to listen to Nancy Giordano’s interview for Control the Room Podcast . The new episode titled “Strategic Awareness and Leadership in Partnerism” is a conversation with our CPS Partner who is also the founder of Play Big Inc. and author of Leadering: The Ways Visionary Leaders Play Bigger.
Through this interview, hosted by Douglas Ferguson of Voltage Control, one can glean some great history about the birth of the Partnerism Campaign , which runs parallel to recent developments in the work of Riane Eisler and the Center for Partnership Studies.
“That playbook is completely outdated, and it’s dangerous. If you applied a 20th century mindset to a 21st century world, we’re going to be much more hurt. How can we think about a way in which business and society can thrive together? We have to exist in a place of constant learning, a place of much more caring, and a place where we think about long-term value creation as opposed to short-term profitability growth.” – Nancy Giordano
Listen to the podcast episode via Spotify here:

More information about Control the Room Podcast and a full interview transcript are available on the podcast’s page on the Voltage website.

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