Building A Caring Economy: Riane Eisler Bretton Woods 75 Keynote

September 17, 2019
The July, 2019 Bretton Woods economic conference (BW75) gathered a diverse group of politicians, economists, activists, scientists, entrepreneurs, & creatives to re-imagine the global economy in a way that better serves people and planet. Author and social systems scientist Riane Eisler gave a keynote speech at the conference on “Building A Caring Economy”.


Eisler’s work focuses on how to build a caring economy which highlights, in particular, counting the work done by women (or parents, in the home) and orienting the economy (and metrics) around caring for others and the environment. Eisler has developed Social Wealth Economic Indicators (SWEIs), new economic measures which demonstrate the substantial financial return from caring for people and nature. Eisler’s book The Real Wealth of Nations was hailed by Gloria Steinem as “revolutionary.” Riane’s new book, published by Oxford University Press in the summer of 2019, is Nurturing Our Humanity: How Domination and Partnership Shape Our Brains, Lives, and Future.


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