What Is the Caring Economy?

“We have a choice. We can keep complaining about greed, fraud, and cutthroat business practices. We can put up unsuccessfully juggling jobs and family. We can tell ourselves there's nothing we can do to change policies that damage our environment, create huge gaps between haves and have-nots, and lead to untold suffering. Or we can together construct a saner more caring economics and culture.” ~ Riane Eisler

Riane Eisler's book The Real Wealth of Nations: Creating a Caring Economics shows how to change the rules of the economic game. The contributions of people and nature are our real wealth, especially in our knowledge-service age, when “high quality human capital” is key to economic success. We need an economics that values the work of caring for people and caring for our Mother Earth. By making visible the the enormous economic value of caring for people, starting in early childhood, and caring for nature, we can end cycles of poverty, empower women, care for children, and promote prosperity, economic justice, sustainability, and security for all.


Riane Eisler on caring economics:

What is the Caring Economy?


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Riane Eisler interview

Full text of Riane Eisler's speech at the World's Women Forum in Barcelona, Spain on July 29, 2004: Revisioning the Economic Rules: Empowering Women and Changing the World
Why should “women’s issues” be at the front of the agenda for sustainability, equity, and peace? As women’s status rises, so does fiscal support for the “high quality human capital” necessary for care work: the “high quality human capital” necessary for success in the post-industrial/knowledge economy.

Spanish version of this speech: Repaso de las Reglas Economicas: Delegar a Mujeres Y Cambiar el Mundo.