Change Your Thinking with CPS’ Integrated Partnership Agenda

June 8, 2018
The Center for Partnership Studies has released an updated version of the Integrated Partnership Progressive Agenda that outlines the core configurations of Domination Systems and Partnership Systems and key elements of the Domination and the Partnership Political Agendas.

Download the Integrated Partnership Progressive Agenda

Riane Eisler: “We have been taught to think of politics in terms of elections and governments, but politics is basically about how power is defined and exercised, and by whom. This is something we learn, starting in early childhood. The new social categories of the Partnership System and the Domination System provide an integrated picture of society that encompasses the social construction of not only “public” institutions such as politics, economics, religion, and education but also the “private” sphere of parent-child and gender relations where children first learn what is normal or abnormal, moral or immoral, possible or impossible”.

Four Cornerstones for Change
The Integrated Partnership Progressive Agenda focuses on the four cornerstones of family/childhood, economics, language/narratives, and gender… “cornerstones that regressives have successfully focused on as the foundation of their Domination politics. Rebuilding these four cornerstones with the values of Partnership, building a foundation that supports more equitable, sustainable and caring societies, is long-term work that must start now”!

Call to Action
CPS encourages leaders, policy makers and educators to use the Integrated Partnership Progressive Agenda and infographic as a useful resource for your community work. The document includes three charts that deconstruct and contrast Domination and Partnership systems, and offer new language to help channel our thinking and action:

1.  The Domination and Partnership Systems

2. The Four Cornerstones

3. The Vocabulary of Domination and Partnership

Download the Domination-Partnership Systems: The Four Cornerstones Infographic


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