“4 Ways to Shift Toward a Caring Economy”

March 24, 2021

Yesterday Laura Giradorou Koch’s article “4 Ways to Shift Toward a Caring Economy” was published in Real Leaders magazine. The article draws from decades of research and activism work of Riane Eisler, drawing from the recent and demonstrative impact of COVID-19 and the need for “critical pillars of the caring economy”

  • To value and make visible caring for the environment
  • To value and make visible the work of care
  • To invest in the development of early childhood education: our most important asset
  • To pursue transparency and metrics in the Caring Economy: changing our measures of economic health

Read the full article on the Real Leaders website

Laura Giadorou Koch is a New York and Argentine lawyer, system social entrepreneur and innovative educator. She currently serves as CEO for a “B Certified Company” and Chair for the Social Engagement Network for the Young Presidents Organization (YPO). She also serves as Chair for the YPO Social Engagement Network, is an Ashoka Senior Advisor and Board Member for Eye To Eye, Think Equal USA, Million Peacemakers and Minga Peru.

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