2021 Integral Practitioner Convergence

April 15, 2021

Riane Eisler will speaking at the Center for Transformative Learning’s upcoming 2021 Integral Practitioner Convergence, taking place April 17 & 18, 2021.

As we pass the one-year mark since the beginning of the pandemic and a light at the end of the tunnel begins to appear, key questions about our collective future start to emerge. Beyond the medical and economic concerns, questions about the future of coaching, organizational leadership, psychotherapy, and education are in need of collective inquiry and reflection.

The Integral Practitioner Convergence will feature a diversity of perspectives, backgrounds, and professions across two days of panels, and I am looking forward to speaking as part of the Convergence.

Click here to learn more and register now to join the Convergence April 17 and 18, 2021. 

If you would like to include information about the Center for Transformative Learning and/or Meridian University, please see below:

About the Center for Transformative Learning
Meridian University’s Center for Transformative Learning seeks to foster transformative learning through research, symposia, seminars, conferences, and communities of practice that encourage and inspire both individual and collective learning.
The Center focuses on the praxis of Transformative Learning in diverse professional domains and system levels via projects in Education, Spiritual Practice, Business, Psychotherapy, Social Change and Civil Society, Governance and the Arts. The future calls for integrated competencies that enable professionals to acquire, manage, and apply vast domains of information effectively enough to participate in wise and creative initiatives.

About Meridian University
Founded 30 years ago in the San Francisco Bay Area, Meridian University enrolls students globally in its unique hybrid and 100% online graduate degree, certificate, and public programs. The University offers master’s and doctoral programs in Psychology, Education and Business with diverse concentrations available within each of these programs. Meridian’s integrated, innovative curriculum is designed to be experiential and transformative.
Meridian graduates are engaged in varied professional contexts that include coaching, psychotherapy, organizational development, facilitation, social entrepreneurship, and transformative leadership.
Meridian’s graduate programs are available in two formats, hybrid and 100% online. This model supports students who are working professionals and balancing other life commitments to move


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