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At CPS, we value your voice. Partnership leaders are a growing presence worldwide, applying partnership and caring economy principles creatively in their circles of influence. Whether you are a parent, a filmmaker, an educator, a student, business owner, faith leader, policy maker or health care practitioner, we invite you to inspire others and share your story here in the Leader’s Blog. We may share your post in our social media channels, in our newsletter, and as webinar resources. We encourage you to share your post widely and grow CPS’ global outreach.

See below for post submission guidelines and links to sample leader’s posts.

CPS Leader’s Blog: Submission Guidelines

Topics that qualify for the Leaders Blog: Leadership activities, educational or academic curriculum, conference workshops, collaborative community projects, book groups, coaching, policy change, new media, and professional practices that directly contribute to the building of partnership systems or to a caring economy are accepted. We are particularly interested in activities or projects that support one or more of the four cornerstones of partnership systems: childhood, gender, economy, or narratives/language.

  • We invite members of the CPS community to submit a post. If you are not already on our mailing list, sign up here.
  • Posts should be 300-1000 words.
  • Include a short bio or profile, with your organization name and website link if applicable.
  • Please supply a good-quality self-image (close-up face images are ideal), at least 300 pixels wide, in .jpg or .png format.
  • Optional: include a good-quality picture of you speaking or teaching; and/or a podcast or video.
  • If you are teaching partnership or caring economy curriculum, we welcome student quotes and images.
  • All submissions will be reviewed and edited if needed to align with Riane Eisler’s Domination/Partnership theory.
  • We cannot accept posts that contain promotions or advertising, or inappropriate content.

We often accept blog submission by invitation, and we encourage you to simply submit your topic proposal or written post for review.

Submit your proposal or post to Ann. We reserve the right to edit your post, add a title and images, and we may request citations or further information if needed. We’ll let you know within three weeks if it’s been accepted. When it is live, we’ll provide you with the post link.

Questions? Contact Ann at annamberg.cps@gmail.com.


Sample leader’s posts

What I’m Learning About Partnership Education
by John Creger

Ginger Garner: taking our leadership to the next level
by Ginger Garner, DPT, ATC/L, PYT

Organization as Community: Showing Up As Partnership Practitioners
by Deeanna Burleson, PhD, RN, IMC

Liberating Childhood and Our World
by Teresa Graham Brett, JD

Building Partnership Community in Portland, OR
by Travis Petchell

Partnership in Action: The Alchemic Power of Circle
by Sande Hart

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  1. Rita Quintavalla Reply

    I am reading some books of Riane Eisler .They help to open our eyes about great problems of our world. Thanks to Riane

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