Keep Young Women Connected: Send a Virtual Love Pack

March 15, 2021

An update on the CPS Girls Resiliency Education Fund by Brie Mathers.

During the long Winter months of Covid 19, I came together virtually with a group of women to bravely sing our songs in the dark. Weaving our stories through text and meeting on the full and new moons, we cultivated our feminine superpowers: fierce love, deep nurturance, wild vivacity, and abiding presence. In the deep incubation of Canadian snows, cradled in sisterhood, we held the spirits of girls becoming women, and etched out new Partnerism possibilities for Spring.

As young women are poised to emerge from the mental health impacts of the pandemic, the need for twinkling connection could not be more urgent. Even before the pandemic, data showed that girls were in a mental health crisis: In Canada hospitalizations from self harm have increased 102 percent over the last decade. In the U.S. they’re up 189 percent since 2011. Our girls need our help.

“You really let me open my heart, you showed me that I’m not alone and I have hope to just be me…Thank you”. —Student comment after girl’s school presentation

That’s where we come in. We’ve laid the seeds for a new virtual connection campaign that keeps young women connected. We’re launching text-based LOVE PACKs to bond young women together and give them an opportunity to draw on their strengths, doing what girls do best: nurture their own well-being through connection with one another.

Does a girl in your life need a Love Pack?
Email Brie, the founding director of Love the Skin You’re In and the Creative Director of the CPS Girls Resiliency Education Fund at


Cesar Chavez High, Stockton California, Feb. 29, 2020

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Brie Mathers, Founder and President of Love the Skin You’re In, is a powerful transformational speaker who is introducing Partnership to the next generation in her dynamic school presentations to young women and men. Brie’s resiliency project empowers young women to think critically about their place in society, and about the popular and social media messages they are receiving about body image, sexuality, and self-worth. Brie’s message deeply resonates with the students that receive her vibrant presentations in schools in the US, Canada and Europe. Learn More:



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