Creating Partnership Futures: My Life, Work and Vision of the Future

Some people think the vision of a more equitable, less violent future is merely a utopian dream. A goal of my work has been showing it can be a viable model for transformative change and that the key components of such a model can be identified through cross-cultural and historical research. Influences Like everything we do, my research was influenced by my life experiences. Salient among these were my parents' flight with me as a small child from Austria (where I was born) after its takeover by the Nazis, my later childhood and…continue reading →

Pragmatopia: Revisioning Human Possibilities

We all know the word “utopia.” It means a place that doesn’t—and can’t—exist. A "pragmatopia" is a less violent, more humane and equitable place—a place where beliefs and social structures support relations based on partnership. We all know the word “utopia.” It means a place that doesn’t—and can’t—exist. Thomas More coined the term in his 1516 satire-fantasy Utopia by combining the Greek outopia (no place) and eutopia (good place). So then, as now, “utopia” communicated the idea that a better society is impossible— that, literally, it is no place. We need a different…continue reading →

From the Blade to The Chalice

Copyright 2005 RIANE EISLER Exerpted and adapted from Riane Eisler, The Chalice and The Blade: Our History, Our Future. We stand at an evolutionary crossroads: breakdown or breakthrough. Ours is a time when the lethal power of the Blade – amplified a millionfold by megatons of nuclear or biochemical warheads – threatens to end all life. But there is another alternative: a way of life where the life-giving and illuminating power of the Chalice guides our world. As co-creators of our own evolution, the path we take is ours to choose. There is…continue reading →
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