We Can Become a Caregiving Nation

Darrell Berkheimer’s August 31, 2018 post in The UnionThe children are our nation’s greatest assets” underscores that caring is the key, especially caring for our children, a call that Riane Eisler voiced in her landmark book The Real Wealth of Nations.

Berkheimer writes: “In recent years, we have been told numerous times how we are losing our middle class…now the code phrase is “the rise of inequality” – an inequality that emphasizes our nation’s mounting poverty. Both warnings are correct, of course, and both are foundational in Eisler’s concern and emphasis on why we must become a more caring and caregiving nation.”

Where are our economic priorities? What do we value?

Berkheimer sites some sobering statistics:

  • According to World Military & Social Expenditures, the cost of a U.S. intercontinental ballistic missile would feed 50 million children, build 160,000 schools, or open 340,000 health centers.
  • According to a UNICEF report, the cost of one nuclear submarine would provide low-cost rural water and sanitation facilities for 48 million people, and the cost of 11 radar-evading bombers could provide four years of primary education for 135 million children.

In The Real Wealth of Nations, Eisler writes that most industrialized nations today – with the exception of our United States – “realized that caring for basic human needs cannot be left to the market.”

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