Riane Eisler to speak in Visionary Business Leaders Summit

Riane Eisler, author of Nurturing Our Humanity and founder of the Center for Partnership Studies will speak on May 15, 2020 as part of the online summit The Visionary Business Leader: How to Thrive in Your Business During Uncertain Times, hosted by women’s business coach Terra Christoff.

As coaches, healers, and transformational leaders we know how vital it is to act with authenticity and love. How can women business owners bring our message and support to people without adding to the confusion and panic? The impact of this pandemic is being felt around the globe, showing us how interconnected we all are.

Business as usual no longer exists. But we can evolve. We have the opportunity to creatively birth innovative ways of responding to this global pandemic as business leaders, thought leaders, and healers.

The Visionary Business Leaders Summit 2020 brings together a diverse lineup of visionary thought leaders to address how we can take our businesses online and create new business offerings that are responsive to this moment in history.

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