American Herald Tribune interview with Dr. Riane Eisler: “The mass media still normalize violence”

January 10, 2017: The American Herald Tribune
In this timely interview with Mohsen Abdelmoumen, Riane Eisler, President of the Center for Partnership Studies,  speaks to the urgent need to understand and take action to change  domination thinking in our culture.

“We need new thinking. …and new thinking requires new language. To understand, and change, current economic systems, we have to understand, and change, the domination social context from which they, and the theories that support them, derive. This does not mean leaving everything from capitalism and socialism behind. It means discarding their domination elements and preserving their partnership elements – and going beyond both to create a new economic model that recognizes that the most important human work is caring for people and nature.”

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Never has Partnership been more urgently needed than right at this moment.

A working Partnership framework is required to address the threat to our natural environment and rolling back of human rights of our people, and people around the world. We know from our research that Partnership is only possible when all of us are valued in our public and private institutions, and within our families. Partnership holds the key to the realization of human potential and a sustainable world for us all.

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