Beyond Capitalism and Socialism: a Public Town Hall

June 2, 2020

Thank you to all who attended the June 1, 2020 Town Hall with Riane Eisler- Beyond Capitalism and Socialism: a Conversation on Partnerism. We are excited to share with you what’s in development now at the Center for Partnership Studies and set the groundwork for growing partnership systems and caring economic policies.


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What Town Hall attendees are saying:

“I am a Latín women, and I am committed to support this cause among my community.”

“Thank you so much for this valuable Town Hall conversation, love it!”

“This is our future way.”

“We have a choice—we can tell ourselves there’s nothing we can do to change policies that damage our environment, create huge gaps between haves and have-nots, and lead to untold suffering. Or we can together contract a saner more caring economics and culture.”

From the June 1, 2020 Live Twitter Feed: #Partnerism is a New System for Our Future

Dominating or being dominated are not the only options; the real alternative is #Partnership.

#Domination is NOT the answer; #Partnerism is.

Fear of the “other” is built into domination systems, starting with the in-group of “mankind” and the female “other”; it is NOT human nature. #RianeEislerTownHall

For 300 years progressive social movement mainly challenged traditions of domination in politics and economics; now we must go deeper, to the foundations on which domination systems rest, by changing domination and violence where children are first taught they are normal: childhood and gender relations. #Partnership

We are witnessing the erosion of America. 20% of our children live in #poverty. #PracticePartnership #DisruptDomination #RianeEislerTownHall #Partnerism

#TotalDomination is not the answer to the suffering and strife.

#Partnerism is a new system for our future. #CPS #Domination justifies inhumanity. #Partnership is the alternative which address the root issues and moves beyond short-term fixes.

A “normal” which includes child poverty, natural devastation, domination, inequality and injustice is not worth returning to. We have metrics to move us towards #Partnership#SocialWealthIndex

Conventional economic thinking utterly omits the household and natural economies, the value of the work of care for people and the planet. #CaringEconomy #RianeEislerTownHall #Partnerism

#Partnerism starts in families, where hierarchies of domination are replaced with hierarchies of actualization, where power is used to empower rather than disempower. #RianeEislerTownHall

Without a solid foundation of partnerism between parents and children and men and women, we cannot make sustainable progress towards a healthier, equitable, and enduring society. #RianeEislerTownHall #Partnerismcultural

We invite you to be in conversation with us to build our new future fueled by #partnership via economic, social, and educational policy changes. #CPS #RianeEislerTownHall #Partnerism

Thanks to Valerie Young, CPS Social Media Manager, for facilitating the Twitter Live Feed.

Get Involved!

In this week of volatile civil unrest, the stark realities of the current domination system are offering us the opportunity to connect the personal and political in new ways in our communities. The time is ripe to come together across all differences and co-create partnership social systems that offer lasting solutions for a more humane society.

We welcome your involvement in growing this vital work. Thank you for your commitment to educating yourself and others on partnerism and caring economy.

Please share the graphic meme and call to action: share your thoughts with us, follow Riane Eisler on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, and let others know about the work of the Center for Partnership Studies.

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#rianeeislertownhall, #partnerism

“We need to move to an economic system that takes into account the enormous economic value of caring for people, starting in early childhood, and caring for nature. Changing the values that animate economic systems is the first step”. – Riane Eisler

Hosted by the Center for Partnership Studies.





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  1. Kimble Helgesson Reply

    Hello, I am half way through reading the the Chalice and the Blade, which is the 3rd book of my project to absorb R Eisler’s concepts and promote her ideas and hopes. Her latest book was my first book of her production . I recently finished The Real Wealth of Nations, which I annotated in the margins like an Arab scholar. I will share this event date the best I can. Post COVID19 change will be kind and hopeful only if we change the values away from those that brought us to this point. #EthicsofCare evolution

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