The Great American Lie: New Documentary Film with Riane Eisler

October 7, 2020

The Great American Lie, a documentary by filmmaker Jennifer Siebel Newsom, examines how a United States value system built on the extreme masculine ideals of power, dominance, and control has glorified individualism, institutionalized inequality, and undermined the ability of most Americans to achieve the American Dream.

Center for Partnership Studies Founder and President Dr. Riane Eisler is a featured expert in the film.

The Great American Lie is now streaming on Apple TV and Amazon Prime.

Produced by The Representation Project.

#TheGreatAmericanLie   #ValueEquality


“Director Jennifer Siebel Newsom has once again created a documentary that is destined to become an instant classic that will be talked about and referenced for decades to come. The Great American Lie is a must-see for everyone eager to make sense of the ever-widening income gap that is currently threatening the fabric of our democracy. This film, like Jennifer’s earlier films, Miss Representation and The Mask You Live In— is ahead of its time in excavating issues that will soon dominate the zeitgeist. Via powerful storytelling and searing interviews, The Great American Lie is a cinematic tour de force that gets to the core of questions which haunt all Americans.”

—Amy Ziering, Film Producer,  The Invisible War, The Hunting Ground, On The Record

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