Partnership or Domination – Whispers from the Past and a Way Forward 

December 7, 2017 Susan Coleman interviews Riane Eisler
In this episode of The Peacebuilding Podcast: Bridging the Divide, Dr. Riane Eisler connects the dots of societies that have male-dominated family structures and those that support militarism and violence as a method of influence. She points out that the “regressives” in the USA (and around the world) get the connection between the family and national/international policy and have systematically pressured women back to their more traditional, subservient roles. She wants “progressives” to connect these dots as well and provide leadership for a new economic system where all things “feminine” — child care, the environment, etc. are clearly reflected in our economic metrics of what contributes to our collective well-being.

Susan comments: “Children get a profound imprinting when they are raised in patriarchal or dominator families, where they learn that some humans are more valuable than others and that violence and strong-man rule is an acceptable method of influence. This translates to support for a domination system that not only supports a planet in conflict but polarizes groups by gender, race, tribe, and religion.  As Dr. Eisler points out — “it doesn’t have to be this way.” We need people to more fully understand the brilliance that Dr. Eisler has to share with us and this path forward”.

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