Thriving in Your Third Act: free online summit Aug. 20-24, 2018

Hear Riane Eisler speak on the subject of Women, Violence, and Injustice: From Domination to Partnership in The Shift Network’s “Thriving in Your Third Act”, a free online summit August 20-24, 2018. Host Sabrina Chaw, CEO of A Feminine Feast, will talk in depth with Riane about gender inequality and intersectionality, showing how the empowerment of women is key to moving to a more caring and equitable world.

What can we as older women do to build better lives and societies?

In This Session:

  • Why gender inequality is central to oppression, injustice, and violence across different eras and cultures, and the role of older women in moving to gender equity and a better world..
  • The intersectional understanding provided by the partnership-domination social scale that makes it possible to connect the dots between seemingly unrelated forms of violence and injustice.
  • Possibilities for action that open when we understand domestic violence as a human rights and social justice issue.
  • The role of economics in social justice or injustice

Watch the CPS website: for event schedule updates.

Illustration by Angela Hayden


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