Read Riane Eisler’s response to the Roundtable on Human Rights: Advancing the Frontier of Emancipation

Dr. Riane Eisler

Read the response by Dr. Riane Eisler, founder and president of the Center for Partnership Studies to Kathryn Sikkink’s recent essay “Human Rights: Advancing the Frontier of Emancipation”, part of the Great Transition Initiative. Riane joined other global thought leaders who wrote essays as part of a Roundtable on Human Rights.

Read Riane’s response to Human Rights: Advancing the Frontier of Emancipation

Eisler writes: “My focus has been on the expansion of human rights theory and action to include the majority of humanity: women and children. That focus came not only out of my concern for the millions of women and children worldwide whose most basic rights to life, liberty, and freedom from violence are violated every day, most often within their own families and communities, but also out of my decades of multidisciplinary, historical, and cross-cultural research showing that achieving social and economic justice worldwide requires an integrated progressive agenda—one that, like the agenda of regressives, includes matters still viewed by many liberals as “just” women’s and children’s issues”.

We need to expand human rights theory and practice to include human rights violations in the private sphere, especially against women and children. – Riane Eisler

Roundtable on Human Rights — An exchange on Human Rights: Advancing the Frontier of Emancipation.
Kathryn Sikkink’s essay “Human Rights: Advancing the Frontier of Emancipation

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