Riane Eisler interviewed on Remarkable Educators: hear the podcast

June 26, 2018

Hear the podcast: Riane Eisler is interviewed by host Ba Luvmour on Meetings With Remarkable Educators.

Eisler explores the dynamics of the Domination-Partnership lens—how do we break the habits  and patterns that feed social systems sustained by a domination mindset? Can we begin to let go of patterns that are maladaptive by shifting our ways of thinking in the context of the partnership lens?

Riane Eisler: “Linguistic psychologists point out that language, and especially linguistic categories that a culture makes available, channel our thinking. For example, for gender relations we have patriarchy and we have matriarchy. But if you really look at whether it’s ruled by fathers or by mothers, conceptually, semantically, it’s just two sides of the same domination coin. There’s no real alternative, because in the rigid domination mindset there are only two alternatives: either dominate or you’re dominated. There is no partnership alternative. So we need to change our language…”

Listen to Riane Eisler, Episode 14- June 26, 2018 (click then scroll down):

Access a transcript of the podcast.

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