Psychology Today: Partnership Not Domination Fosters Wellbeing

December 8, 2019
In the Psychology Today online article Partnership Not Domination Fosters Wellbeing, University of Notre Dame professor of psychology Darcia Narvaez, PhD, focuses on human evolution, child development and how children and communities can thrive with partnership systems. Archeological evidence shows that archaic hunter-gatherer bands represented cooperative and peaceful partnership systems that valued egalitarian relationships and practiced a generative gift economy in partnership with their ecological niche.

Narvaez highlights Riane Eisler and Douglas P. Fry’s new book, Nurturing our Humanity: How Domination and Partnership Shape our Brains, Lives and Future, which traces the differences between partnership societies and dominator societies. Narvaez suggests “…that the first partnership system, evolved through the tree of life, and is represented by what we call “the evolved nest”, a developmental system that brings about child and adult thriving”. Narvaez and coauthor Mary Tarsha published The Evolved Nest: A Partnership System that Fosters Child and Societal Wellbeing in the Fall, 2019 issue of the Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies (IJPS).

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Check out the Fall, 2019 issue of the Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies.

Read Darcia Narvaez’ post in the CPS Leaders blog: The Evolved Nest Nurtures the First Partnership Relationship.


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