Partnership Studies Group, Udine Announces New Partnership Programs

July 31, 2020
The Partnership Studies Group (PSG) and the University of Udine, Italy, is happy to announce a new anthology and an exciting new university degree program.

Ecology and Partnership Studies in Anglophone Literatures, by PSG founder Antonella Riem and John Thieme, is a collection of essays on ecoliteracy. In line with the biocultural partnership paradigm developed by Riane Eisler and central to the work of the Partnership Studies Group founded at the University of Udine, the essays gathered in this book aim at challenging the binary thinking that separates humans from nature while fostering more dialogical interactions and, at the same time, stimulating in the reader a deeper environmental awareness.

This book series crosses disciplinary boundaries in literary criticism, linguistics (theoretical and applied) and creative writing, explores complex and fast-changing cultural landscapes mapping out new paths in ‘different’ territories by means of experimental, multidisciplinary, poetic and artistic studies where cultures of partnership can be developed.

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The University of Udine’s new Masters degree in Partnership and Shamanism deepen the biocultural aspects of partnership studies in literatures and cultures by providing the appropriate scientific, psychological, sociological and anthropological foundations of traditional shamanism. The program explores new forms of shamanism in the context of neuroscience, partnership studies, sociology of cultural and communicative processes, ecology, care, and therapeutic practice.

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