What does next generation leadership in the Partnership movement look like today?

What directions is it heading and how can the Center for Partnership Studies support it?

Join us online on Friday, June 17, 11am Pacific for the Partnership Next Generation Summit and help to seed the future for a growing Partnership system. We welcome participants 35 and under who are CPS program Alumni + their friends/colleagues who have some knowledge of the domination/partnership continuum and are interested in applying partnership in the world.

Next generation Caring Economy and Partnership leaders are cultural change agents involved in projects in many countries encompassing new economy, social and environmental justice, gender equity, innovative policy shift, advocacy for parents, children and caregivers, the collaborative commons, and more.

Join the Center for Partnership Studies and be part of an exciting network of change as we help guide our cultural systems into a future that works for all.

Partnership Next Generation Summit
Friday, June 17, 2016
11am-12:30pm Pacific

Questions? Contact Ann at annamberg.cps@gmail.com

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