Applied Partnership Practices: Partnership with the Earth

The Fall, 2017 Practicing Partnership with the Earth cohort has concluded. Thank you to all who participated in this great webinar series!

Watch the September 13, 2017 Introductory Group Session video, hosted by Ann Amberg, MCs:


Practicing Partnership with the Earth

Everyday practices to align with what life does in the context of earth as family, economy, culture and home.

Each of us in our uniqueness has a vital role to play in the evolution of a new human-earth partnership based on care, reciprocity and respect. In this time of radical change, loss and uncertainty, an informed and committed relationship with the earth grounds our action. Nature is the foundation of our economic systems, and nature is available to engage with us in unexpected ways!

Guided by self-designed practices that align with nature’s ancient ways of knowing, we’ll assess where we are on the domination-partnership continuum in the context of earth as family, economy, culture and home. Over the course of five interactive sessions, we will utilize systems-based concepts and experiential practices to explore our “true nature” —the human potential of a thriving partnership system that takes nature seriously— and dive into the heart and soul of an emerging human-earth alliance.

In each 2-hour webinar, Ann will introduce a new dimension in the power of partnership, focusing on re-igniting our intimate connection with the natural world and forming the foundations of a living earth partnership.

Drawing from the work of Riane Eisler, climate change scientists and evolutionary philosophers, we’ll deepen our felt sense of “a resurgent partnership consciousness” within our local ecological community. We’ll take a deep dive into 10 original, embodied earth partnership practices that will jump-start your connection with your own true nature and with the natural world as a living subject. We are embedded in an evolving sacred ecology; we can learn to work in synergy with life systems to release outmoded domination systems and nurture our birthright as planetary humans.

“Thank you Ann for your wisdom and inspiring facilitation of this course. This should be taught in every university classroom”. — Heidi Bruce, Managing Editor, Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies

“Each presentation is so rich and really affirms how I have been since birth and why I am returning to the core of my essence to be in the world from this strength in partnership with all of life.” – Beth Wilson, coach, author, and Partnership Practitioner


• Ten primary life dynamics that shape who we are every day
• Simple embodied practices to align and co-evolve with these patterns
• The links between climate change and earth as primary economy
• How nature’s (our) radiance is disguised as money
• The role of grief in healing the earth-human relationship
• How our capacity for care is mirrored in our relationship to the earth as mother

See the Fall 2017 issue of Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies: Practicing Partnership with the Earth: Nurturing the Evolution of a Caring Alliance Based on Reciprocity and Respect by Ann Amberg

Contact Ann Amberg for more information.

Ann Amberg, M.C.S., is the Assistant Director of the Leadership & Learning Programs for the Center for Partnership Studies. Since 2002, she has guided adult leaders and K-12 teachers in a program of applied transformational and contemplative ecology. She founded the program “What Does the Universe Do?” in 2012 to integrate partnership, feminine and indigenous ways of knowing with deep imagery to illuminate simple daily practices that serve to align us with the biodynamic patterns of life. Ann has completed her undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies: Integral Ecology and her Masters in Contemporary Spirituality. She is an artist and lives on beautiful Whidbey Island, WA where gardens, hummingbirds and creative people thrive.

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