Start 2020 by Planting a Tree in the Partnership Group Forest

Now you can help neutralize carbon emissions by planting a tree in the Partnership Studies Group Forest. Treedom is an online platform where you can partner with a farmer who will plant a tree for you or your group, and then you can follow it online. The site offers opportunities to plant trees including Rosewood in Madagascar, Macadamia in Kenya, Cacao in Cameroon, and many others. The trees contribute to biodiversity and provide food sources for local communities around the world.

Antonella Riem. Photograph by Conrad Del Villar

Professor Antonella Riem, founder of the Partnership Studies Group at the University of Udine (Italy) initiated the group forest, which has planted 20 trees to date. Antonella wrote, “The forest carries on Riane Eisler’s values of equanimity, sustainability, caring and peace for the well-being of all the creatures of our wonderful planet. For this reason we decided to launch a Partnership Studies Group forest through Treedom, a wonderful initiative where one can easily donate a tree for local farmers worldwide. Please join us and let’s green the planet together!”

Thank you, Antonella, for helping create a great opportunity to plant a tree for the new decade in the Partnership Group Forest.

Plant a tree in the Partnership Group Forest

Learn about Treedom 

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