Partnership Studies Group in Udine, Italy: bodies@living art project

July 2, 2018

Antonella Riem Photograph by Conrad Del Villar

The Partnership Studies Group Udine, founded by Prof. Antonella Riem, recently presented a performance art event “living bodies@blurring realities”, part of the Festival of Knowledge at the University of Udine, June 27-30, 2018.

The Partnership Studies Group/Udine was founded to expand the study of the Partnership social systems model developed by author, educator and activist Riane Eisler. PSG blends research and artistic processes, creating spaces of relationship and action in collaboration and performance.

The living bodies@ blurring realities project includes elements of relational art, installations and performance moments centered on the connection between the physical body and the immaterial frame and fuzzy digital. What are the potential of this plot? Where are we in the relationship between tangible and intangible elements? In what way this reflection moves, starting from perspectives of decentralization, the human element in the context of the biosphere and the perspective of a collaborative coexistence between different species?

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