Riane Eisler speaks at 2018 Parliament of the World Religions

November 6, 2018
Dr. Riane Eisler participated on two panels at the 2018 Parliament of the World Religions this week. The annual international event, this year November 1-7 in Toronto, Canada, draws thousands of interfaith leaders and activists from around the world. The theme for this year’s gathering is “The Promise of Inclusion, the Power of Love: Pursuing Global Understanding, Reconciliation, and Change.

On November 4, Riane appeared live/remotely on the panel “Women’s Coalitions Addressing Global Problems” with fellow guest speakers Barbara McGraw, Jean Shinoda Bolin, and Ann Smith. The overall theme encompasses “The urgent need to incorporate feminine leadership, circle principles, and partnership to solve global problems”.

On November 5, Riane appeared on the panel “The Power of Love”, part of the Global Ethics program track, with fellow guest speakers Belvie Rooks, Fran Grace, Lila June, and Grandmother Mona. Drawing from the famous Global Ethic developed by theologian Hans Kung, which emphasizes the urgent need for partnership in all aspects of life — from gender relations to international relations—this panel focuses on the power of love, especially on Belvie Rook’s and Dedan Gills chapter in Fran Grace’s book The Power of Love, which presents the Indigenous Wisdom that laid the groundwork for this panel. It is a call to consciousness, “To remember this inner knowledge that we are all connected.”

A quote from quote from the Global Ethic document that expresses a key connection for this year’s Parliament of World Religions:

We must be able to forgive, learning from the past but never allowing ourselves to be enslaved by memories of hate. Opening our hearts to one another, we must sink our narrow differences for the cause of the world community, practicing a culture of solidarity and relatedness.

Learn more: parliamentofreligions.org/parliament/2018-toronto/2018-toronto

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