Riane Eisler Interview in OMTimes: Nurturing Our Humanity

December 28, 2019

The Center for Partnership Studies is excited to share this in-depth OMTimes Magazine interview with Sandie Sedgbeer.

In the interview, Sandie talks with Riane about her new book, Nurturing Our Humanity: How Domination and Partnership Shape our Brains, Lives, and Future, co-authored with anthropologist Douglas P. Fry, in which they “both upend age-old assumptions about human nature and provide irrefutable evidence that not only is caring behavior humanity’s default tendency but also that we can build more humane and sustainable societies”.

Eisler comments, “…in Nurturing our Humanity, I combined my research and my new approach to understanding human societies with two new, very important areas. One is neuroscience because we’re learning that our brains develop differently when we are oriented more to the partnership or the domination side of the social continuum. The second area is Doug Fry’s area of expertise: what he calls ‘foraging societies’ show how humans lived for millennia in original partnership societies”.

Eisler shares her life story as a World War II refugee, discusses her groundbreaking work in The Chalice and the Blade, Sacred Pleasure, and other books; she provides insight into the roots of violence, family dynamics of domination societies, progressive social movements, gender values, and more. “We are also in the midst of what I call a massive regression to the domination side of the partnership domination social scale. And all of the things that you mentioned [resurgence in fundamentalism, displacement of people, violence] are part of that regression. They’re not isolated. They’re not random. They are part of a pattern. Real history is not linear.

It’s really not coincidental that the subordination of women is key to all these repressive violence societies. The four cornerstones [of partnership systems] that are outlined at the end of Nurturing our Humanity are essential if we are to have the foundations that will avoid these regressions”.

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Riane Eisler – Exploring Sacred Pleasure: Sex, Myth, and the Politics of the Body Aired Thursday, December 5, 2019 on What is Going Om with Sandie Sedgbeer.





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