New article by Riane Eisler published with the Next System Project

Towards An Integrated Progressive Agenda

March 15, 2017
Check out the new article published by Riane Eisler in the Next System Project. This succinct article discusses the roots of domination and provides an overview of  new thinking, categories, and agendas called for to support our orientation towards a partnership system. It also presents Four Cornerstones For An Integrated Progressive Agenda.

No society is a pure partnership or domination system. It is always a matter of degree, of where a society falls on the domination-partnership social scale. But those pushing us back to a more autocratic, violent, and unjust social system uniformly work to maintain or impose rigid rankings of domination in gender and parent-child relations.

So while regressives have had an integrated domination agenda, progressives have not had an integrated partnership agenda. Progressives have focused on dismantling the top of the domination pyramid: political and economic injustice, domination, and violence. They have paid far less attention to injustice, domination, and violence in gender and parent-child relations – the relations from which children first learn what is considered normal or abnormal, possible or impossible, moral or immoral.

Consequently, the base on which the domination pyramid rests has remained in place in many cultures and subcultures. And it is on this base that domination systems have kept rebuilding themselves in different forms – be they religious or secular, Eastern or Western, Northern or Southern. Read more…

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