Jed Diamond: Masculinity in America, After the Election

Masculinity in America: Biden, Trump, Partnership and Domination

November 9, 2020
by Jed Diamond, CPS Partner

Post U.S. election, with the Coronavirus continuing to infect more than 50,000 Americans a day, the U.S. has elected Joe Biden as the 46th president of the United States. When voting, we may have asked,  “Which man will truly protect and serve us? When faced with complex social problems that are difficult to understand and solve, it’s human nature to cling to our group. But an even more ancient question must be answered. Which type of masculinity do we want for our men and boys in the years to come”?

“I believe there is an even more important contrast between the two men who would lead our country—one between domination and partnership—a contrast that cultural historian and systems scientist Riane Eisler has been studying for more than thirty years”.

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After the Election: The Next 3 Months and 3 Years Will Determine Our Future

November 9, 2020

Read the article by Jed Diamond in The Willits News:

Thanks Jed for your unwavering support of Riane Eisler’s work and the powerful insights you share that inform the alignment of your work at MenAlive and the Center for Partnership Studies. We recommend checking out Jed’s books and the MenAlive blog.

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  1. Jed Diamond Reply

    Thanks for sharing. Its nice to partner with people who are making a different. These are challenging times for us all. Glad you can spread the healing potential of Partnerism.

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