CPS Partner: Kindred Media’s “Top Stories of 2020”

CPS Partner Kindred Media shows us how important concepts present in the work of Riane Eisler and CPS continue to be meaningful frameworks for both reflecting on our current collective experiences and new ways to structure our futures.

In their recent newsletter, Kindred Media shared their “Top 12 Stories of 2020”, which includes an excellent interview with Riane Eisler and a new resource based on her work in the caring economy. We invite our readers to check out these articles:

“Creating a Post-Pandemic Caring Economy

An interview with Riane Eisler on several topics, including how economies as measured by the DOW and GDP are “disconnected from humanity”; the trauma of dominations systems and Partnerism as an alternative language and narrative .

“Early Partnership Childhood Care: What Should Centers Provide?”

We are excited to unveil Evolved Nest’s Child Care Center Checklist. The Checklist has been created to help parents and guardians determine how well a child care center matches up with the components of the Evolved Nest. The checklist is intended to be supplemental to the other protocols a center has (e.g., infection prevention, abuse prevention, diaper change frequency)…

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