Riane Eisler: we can create social systems that support caring, creativity and non-violence

September 18, 2019
Read the new article by Martin Zeilig for the Jewish Post & News on Riane Eisler’s life and research in the evolution of social systems, specifically how we can nurture humanity’s capacities for care in a conscious movement from a domination-based cultural system to a partnership system. Eisler comments: “The study of relational dynamics reveals…a more complete picture of the whole of humanity. We see two distinct social configurations that keep repeating themselves historically and cross-culturally: the domination system and the partnership system. If we are serious about educating for peace, it follows that we need more partnership-oriented families where…the use of force is not considered normal.

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Feature image: A crowd of German-Jewish refugees aboard the MS St. Louis ocean liner wave as they arrive in Antwerp, Belgium, after wandering the Atlantic for thousands of miles. The boat was denied entry when it reached the port of Havana, Cuba, even though passengers held documents permitting them to enter the country. The passengers were forced to return to Europe, where several countries accepted them as refugees; 254 of them were killed in the Holocaust.

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